He is currently composing for the audio-visual guides of the Imperial Forums and Palatine Hill in the Central Archeological Area in Rome.

From 2005 is the conductor and musical-artistic supervisor of "New Art Symphonic Orchestra", that meant to become a medium to connect the most classical background with today's techniques of composition, especially in the movie score repertoire.

In 2006 he created the contents and composed the score for an important guide about Rome and the Coliseum, which will be released in DVD.

In 2005 he wrote the opening music for the exhibition "Virtual Rome" by the Trajan's Market in the archaeological site of the Imperial Forums in Rome.

In 2005 he arranged Christmas concerts to be performed in the Holy Land by famous opera singers (such as Tenor JosŤ Carreras) together with the Orchestra of the Toscanini Foundation of Parma and organized by Sony International.

He composed music for the audio-visual guides of Certosa di San Martino (Naples), Pompeii archaeological site and the Natural Museum in Florence.

He composes, arranges and conducts operas for theatrical and ballet shows and he is also been appointed as artistic and musical supervisor of several Festivals.

Since 2002 he has worked for DUCATI Sistemi S.p.a. to develop an innovative device commissioned by the Italian University and Science Research Department to be installed in museums and archaeological sites.

He scored many original soundtracks for short movies, documentaries and cartoons, including the score for Danny Ledonne's film "I Am Male", the documentary "Star Woids", the movie "Losing Grace" and the short film "Marisa Romanov", which premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2001 and was presented at the Berlin Film Festival.

He produced a musical comedy ("Il Tartufo di Dio") directed by Simone Toffanin, musical which has been represented in Padua at the Verdi Theatre.

Other activities

At the Conservatory "F. Venezze" in Rovigo (Italy), he is a professor of Information Technology applied to music and of Sound Engineering.

In 2001 he founded the New Art Society, an enterprise in the field of multimedia-musical production of young artists and audio-visual services for musicians.

He would like to put the musical contents in the frame of the highest formal transcription, without losing the historical references and making the audience enjoy the emotional message of music.

His goal is to walk an ideal path through time to convey in the present an invitation to a listening experience which comes from the past and leads us to the future.

He performs in several Italian orchestra of many traditional theaters (Rovigo, Padua, Treviso, Modena, Ferrara, Bologna, Milan) both as a pianist and as a violinist. He also performs solo, in chamber orchestras and he often accompanies opera singers.

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